Somebody Created the Most Useful SOPs so You Don't Have to
Use a ready formula to get rid of operations that give you headache. Right away.
Would extra peace of mind make a difference...?
From: Marcin Chaszczewski [Hashevsky]
At: Wroclaw, Poland

Dear Amazon Seller,
Would extra peace of mind make a difference for your lifestyle and business...?
Everybody has different priorities.

Maybe you would spend more quality time with your family.

Perhaps you could finally focus on vision and growth...

Or maybe you’d finally catch up on that hobby you were into before you started this Amazon business.

So before I tell you about the reason I brought you here, let me ask you a few questions…
Does this sound familiar?
  • You want to outsource, but think it takes too long to onboard somebody…
  • ​You’ve tried to outsource, but it just gave you headache...
  •  You are already hiring, but constantly telling them what to do (and not getting time back at all)...
  • ​You haven’t considered outsourcing yet, but you definitely want to work smart, not hard
  • ​You are fed up with customer service, reordering stock etc and want to GET RID OF IT

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, my recent discovery might interest you...

In my 5+ years of experience in automation & outsourcing, I noticed how the #1st obstacle for Amazon Sellers to free up from operations was the initial time investment. They had to spend A LOT of time before they'd start getting it back.

So I asked myself... can I fix this absurd situation?

Having analyzed tens of Amazon FBA systems... to my astonishment, the answer was 'yes'.

Actually, I noticed that the basic but also most draining operations repeat in every Amazon FBA business.

This pushed me to create...

A Bulletproof, Easy Way to Outsource the Worst Amazon FBA Tasks
You can finally outsource without worrying about the assistant’s previous experience, creating endless instructions, holding their hand for the first months and eventually feeling you lost control of what's going on.
You read that right.
You don't need to spend months creating and polishing your basic SOPs.
I've done that for you!
The #1st such thing on the market...
10 Ready Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
If you don’t know what an SOP is… Basically, it is an easy-to-follow instruction on performing a task.
A good SOP includes answers to multiple “what-if’s” that might pop up when completing the task… so your assistant knows what to do in any situation WITHOUT asking you.
With these ready SOPs, you will outsource with ease:
  • Dealing with negative reviews
  • Dealing with negative feedback
  • Dealing with returns/refunds
  • Monitoring feedback
  • ​Monitoring FBA fees
  • ​Fixing wrong FBA fee
  • ​Replying to customer listing questions
  • ​Replying to customer messages
  • ​Monitoring reviews
  • ​​Sending products to influencers
The 10 SOPs have in total 79 pages of step-by-step tutorials, screenshots to illustrate what and where to do, instructions on behaving in different situations and even ready copy/paste messages your assistant can use.

Yes, this means once you implement them… your work will come down to getting notified about the task being done. 

Know that feeling when you hate doing a task but don’t have time to properly outsource it?
That’s no more the case.

These SOPs alone will make outsourcing a whole lot easier and faster.

Right off the bat you are saving 50 hours it took us to create and perfect them. And let me tell you we’ve been doing this for years...

And if you have been doing these tasks yourself, or you were constantly helping your assistant complete them, they will instantly free up 10 hours/weekly of your time or more.

Also, if you looked at these tasks and thought "God, I hate doing this..." then yes, you will also save all the energy that those things suck up now.
Value: $1500
But this is not all. The next thing we prepared for you is...
Training on implementing the 10 SOPs ASAP
The goal is to get you started easily. Hence I am showing you 3 ways to implement these SOPs into your existing workflow. They have different advancement levels. Choose the one that suits you best.
Value: $100
These basics are enough for you to outsource the draining operation tasks.
However, I want to make success even easier, hence I'm adding these bonuses below...
Bonus #1
Access to my basic company info base (company wiki)
If you are afraid that the assistant will still ask you questions all the time, wiki is the tool to prevent that.
It contains info like: Full company name, VAT number or answers to FAQ about your product.
Even the simplest version of wiki helps a ton.
Company wiki contains info unique to your business, hence just using mine will not help... but I share it with you so you have reference and can model it to a T.

Value: $150
Bonus #2
Training on outsourcing customer service
Chances are customer service is the task you want to outsource MOST. But it's also a bit more 'advanced'.
 I don't want to leave you figuring it out yourself, that's why I prepared a #5 step PDF tutorial to outsourcing this once and for all.
Value: $250
In All, You Are Getting:
  • 10 Ready SOPs ($1500 value)
  • ​SOPs ASAP Implementation Training ($100 value)
  • ​Basic Company Wiki Access ($150 value)
  • ​Customer Service Delegation Training ($250 value)
Total value: $2,000
But today...
IT'S JUST $397 $87
Yeah, you are getting a system that will save you tons of time and energy RIGHT AWAY... for just $397 $87! Isn't it crazy?
Imagine having ready, step-by-step instructions for your assistant to perform the tasks you hate most
As you can see… my VA and I literally thought of everything, leaving you NO POSSIBILITY to fail with this system. Your only job is to plug in an Assistant. That can be a VA from Philippines, but also... your mom, your partner, or the student next door. Because with this system…

Anyone who can use the computer can also take these draining tasks off you, right away
And if you decide to split your ways, that will be no worries to you. Just pick up another assistant and plug them into the workflow.
Is Your Time & Energy Worth $87?
As entrepreneurs, our time and energy are our most valuable assets. Without them we can’t grow further.

With these outsourcing tools you will be no more emotionally attached to the negative sides ie. of replying unhappy customers.
You will also get back at least 10 hours weekly.
... Which inevitably follows to increasing your peace of mind and improving your work-life balance.

The question is… is this worth $397 $87? Answer it for yourself, please.

This is a No-Brainer

If you use these ready SOPs and don't spend less time in operations, or you are not happy with it for any reason, I will REFUND YOU 100% of this purchase. No Questions Asked.
But who am I, even?
Long story short... In 2014, after running all-over-the-place businesses for 8 years, I decided that my Amazon FBA will be THE business that doesn’t eat my private life.
Easier said than done - I observed systems at corpos I consulted, read most of the books on the topic, and still had no idea how to apply them in my business… but through trial and error, I’d finally develop the formula that:
  • Helped me sell my previous brand with a 2.71 multiplier and an unheard of 30 days handover time
  • ​Lets me work on my businesses only during the school hours
  • ​Makes it possible to be always there for my family, not missing any highlight of my daughter’s life :) 
Now I have pushed 100s of Amazon Sellers to create a working system for their businesses and get their life back. 
This product is created as a result of my FRUSTRATION... for the hustle that most people need to make before they get any benefit out of it. I genuinely want this to change where your work-life balance is at the moment.
As you can probably see...
Getting these SOPs is like hiring me to create a system for you and training you to use it. But rather than paying 1000's of Dollars, all you are investing in is $397 $87.
This is for You if...
  • You are a Solopreneur and you listened enough podcasts telling you it's time to "Work ON your business, not IN your business" and want to start doing this... but without sacrificing 100s hours of time to begin with
  • You've tried to create usable systems but instead, you were just putting more weight on your shoulders
  • You have a VA whom you are constantly telling what to do
  • You want to start outsourcing, but you always thought it would be too hard
If you find yourself nodding along with few of the them, then you are in a perfect position to get the 10 SOPs and start PROPER outsourcing right away
I understand that TODAY I will get access to 10 READY SOPs + bonuses for just one time payment of only $397 $87.
I also understand that these SOPs are of the same quality that Marcin gives his clients when working 1:1. Hiring him to design these just for me and train me exclusively would normally cost $2000.
100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy.
To Your Success,
Marcin Chaszczewski 
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ONE TIME OFFER - Only 27$: People always wonder: "What happens if I give my assistant the SOPs but they don't want to follow it, or something happens and they stop following it?" Don't worry (most Sellers deal with it when starting to systematize)! I prepared a special Masterclass where I show you how to fix this issue. This offer is not available ANYWHERE else on the market.

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