Amazon Seller, if you are in any of this situation...
  • ​Looking to scale rapidly
  • ​Want to hire your first VA
  • ​Consider selling you brand and want to make it worth more
  • ​Want to get Amazon FBA more passive and focus on private life
  • ​​​Getting started with Amazon and aim to have the company organized right away
  • ​Just fed up with boring, repetitive tasks eating your time...

... And don't have proper systems yet, you are taking one step forward and two back.

When do you think you will move faster...?
When you divide your time and focus between operation stuff, remembering what you were to do, being reactive to emails...
Or when you have a clear work system and to-do list for everyone on your team?

Yes, I guess you know the answer. And you do want to work smart, not hard.
But the trial and error when you're without any clear directions are overwhelming (trust me, I know that). 

Fortunately, you don't have to reinvent the wheel :)

Just take this 3-part training and watch the game change

 See what you will learn  
  • Why PPC and rankings should come after automation & systematization
  • The easiest way to start systematizing [downloadable chart available]
  • Adjust systems’ building to your particular situation
  • How to get the most out of VA’s work
  • ​The 5 elements of every working system [GAME-CHANGING]
  • Putting the foundations together
And finally...
Theory vs real life - honestly on how much you can ACTUALLY automate and delegate
Exclusively for Amazon Sellers
Build systems that work with this step-by-step FREE training
I hand you the simplest way to spend less time in operations and more time on vision and growth
The simplest way to systematize your Amazon business so that you can spend less time in operations and more time on vision and growth
But who am I, even?
My name is Marcin Chaszczewski [Hashevsky].

Long story short... In 2014, after running all-over-the-place businesses for 8 years, I decided that my Amazon FBA will be THE business that doesn’t eat my private life.

Easier said than done - I observed systems at corpos I consulted, read most of the books on the topic, and still had no idea how to apply them in my business… but through trial and error, I’d finally develop the formula that:
  • Helped me sell my previous brand with a 2.71 multiplier and an unheard of 30 days handover time
  • ​Lets me work on my businesses only during the school hours
  • ​Makes it possible to be always there for my family, not missing any highlight of my daughter’s life :) 
Now I have pushed 100s of Amazon Sellers to create a working system for their businesses and get their life back. 
You are now getting the very same opportunity as them.
Take advantage!
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